Upscale, Exquisite and Original, O&C is THE FOOD MARKET!

Our pledge is Excellence.

Our mission is Satisfaction.

We offer our valued customers nothing but the very best, in products, services, prices, and overall experience. We also provide a wide variety of dietary products, and premium , imported specialties to suit all special occasions. Our products are tastefully arranged and displayed over a 2000 m2  area in such a way that will meet your expectations and make your shopping experience with us both comfortable and enjoyable.

Welcome to The Fresh Market … and More.

Since fresh products are our specialty, fresh supplies of meat, fish, fruits, vegetables, cold cuts, dairy products, and pastries are delivered to our store daily.

When you stop by our meat section, the choices are endless. Fresh red or white meat, gibier, poultry, cold or frozen meat, ground beef, steak, kafta or kebbe nayye…Year-round , you can indulge yourself with exotic meats such as horse, crocodile, camel, hare, rabbit, ostrich, and even wagyu – a very rare and hard to find delicacy.

Our meat is prepared in strict adherence to rigorous regulations and in accordance with the highest standards for hygiene safety.

Adjacent to our butchery is the domain of cold cuts and dairy products, with a wide variety of appropriately selected products – some are manufactured specifically for O&C. In this section, you will find many different kinds of French cheeses and other specialties imported , in addition to 100% pure Lebanese products such as the labneh and the baladi cheese which are always fresh! Even the eggs are provided daily by the O&C farm located in the Lebanese mountain.

The Catering corner comes next. Here you can choose from our chef’s daily plat du jour, or from ready to use cooking ingredients such as chopped parsley, diced onions, cored courgettes… all prepared to help the busy woman of today prepare her meals her way in minimal time.  Also do not forget to check out our variety of jams and compotes, as well as our collection of herbs and seasonings such as thyme, cinnamon, bay leaf, nutmeg and more. Don’t miss the impressive corner of mouthwatering fruits and vegetables selected daily to ensure freshness and great taste. From the everyday apple to the exotic mango and kiwi, you will not know where to start.  And to compliment every fresh salad, olive oil is a must. So for your convenience, a huge glass barrel of premium olive oil is at your disposal. Heavy wooden shelves display specialties, products, and ingredients from around the world: Mexican, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, and American. Also, delicious pastries, varieties of nuts, choices of diet products, succulent chocolates … and the list goes on.


The architecture is wonderful and pleasant , coupled with a cozy atmosphere to create an environment that caters for the needs of customers. At O&C you find the best products at the best prices.

Service and Comfort

We are here to serve you